Uncoiled Loops started with the independent releases from hEADaCHE of CEOXiME , now is growing to include several artists.

A&R info:
Uncoiled Loops is a small label, mostly done on our off time. We have been focusing on genre specific compilations, similar to the days of the Detroit Electronica Coalition - putting out a dubstep/darkhop compilation, a minimal techno compilation, and an ambient compilation. For these types of compilations, sign up for the "potential artist" email or sign up on Facebook. A list of possible future releases and compilations can be found below.

Uncoiled Loops is expanding to include release of other artists materials, ones who need our assistance with distribution and pressing CDs, but will work with us to garner more attention to both the artist and the label. As once being on the artist side of the table, you'll find we are easy to deal with, and agreements lean significantly towards the artist.
This is what uncoiled loops would be interested in:

  • Electronic music, not necessarily dance music
  • Something different, less likely to be classifiable; although not noise or "prog rock" style
  • Something dynamic
  • Artists who are willing to work with us, not expecting everything to be done by the label

    Future releases
    Title description
    Expected release date
    Secant Prime - Theta Covering the many electronic styles of Secant Prime
    Jan 2015
    Drum'n'Bass Compilation Drum'n'Bass compilation covering all kinds of DnB styles
    Spring 2015
    Latex Records/Uncoiled Loops Dark Ambient Compilation Dark Ambient Compilation
    Spring 2015
    Do Not Follow 2 Same idea as Do Not Follow