4/2022 News:
Wall Stretcher's Future Man is out!
Neon lights, 8 bit video games, and new wave music were the cornerstone of the 80s. Mix a little Joy Division with some Kraftwerk in Blade Runner's present time period and you'll find Future Man. Wall Stretcher is Dave Stawecki hailing from Detroit, the home of techno, the Belville Three, and the Movement Festival. Learning production with notable engineers such as John D. Norton (Prince), Stewart Copeland (Police), Ricky Kej and Skott Rush, European styles still influence Dave as they did for May, Sauderson, and Atkins. Available April 10, 5th birthday of Blade Runner's Leon Kowalski.

12/2021 News:
hEADaCHE remixes Volume 4 is out!
Fourth in the series of hEADaCHE remix compilations, this collection, Cycles per Second, quickens the pulse and widens the eye. This is essential listening in electronic remix world. Experience these tracks as only hEADaCHE can re-envision them. As the man behind the machines, hEADaCHE gradually fills the space with hypnotic, trance-inducing soundwaves that evolve and thrill with unexpected sonic assault. The listener is acutely aware of his hands on the keys, fingers turning the knobs, and wants more. Luckily for us, hEADaCHE has released more than 50 remixes, with many more to come - ranging from dark DnB to minimal techno to industrial to glitch-hop.

11/2020 News:
Secant Prime's - 5 e ^ (i π) remixes is out!
An exploration on beat-less techno ambient that is sometimes haunting or tiring or sickening or calming. It is the 3rd release of a series of remix albums, each being released by a different label. this one in conjunction with Completely Gone Recordings. This features a sound ranging from Ambient to the darker shades of Techno and electronica, and features some outlandish remixes by Microwaved, Steven Olaf, Moon to Monk, and Kosmik Leprechaun, each one of them impressed their own trademark sound to the track.

1/2020 News:
Sugoifiction's Trojan Horse is out!
Ephemeral synths float above tightly wound percussion. New shapes emerge as the sonic landscape shifts and new threads appear. Perfect for that wide, open feeling we dream of when we hit the road -- full throttle. Remixes by hEADaCHE, Project K11, Moon to Monk, Steven OLaf, and QNIEZERY.

10/2020 News:
Project Ink Ribbon's 28 Days is out!
This is a soundtrack to a movie or series yet made - somewhere between Blade Runner and Game of Thrones. Disquieting moments before chills go up your spine. Mood music for dark meditation. Released post-humously.

7/2020 News:
Secant Prime's 3 + J₀ [∞] remixes is out!
Secant Prime presents 3 + J₀(∞), the second release of a series of remix albums, each one will be out with a different label. This one is in conjunction with Latex Records. This amazing album features a sound ranging from Ambient to the darker shades of Techno and electronica, and features some great remixes by ChvadSB (TOTS, Controlled Bleeding), Steven Olaf, Mean flow and Thomas Park (Mystified), each one of them impressed his own trademark sound to the track.

7/2020 News:
Secant Prime's 2 sec (π) is out!
Secant Prime presents 2 sec (π), the second release of a series of remix albums, each one will be out with a different label. This one is in conjunction with Label.

----- Apparently another long hiatus -----

12/2017 News:
Secant Prime's Wavelets is out!
The disjointed world is reflected in these stress inducing soundscapes, complete with a heartbeat and schizophrenic voices. This follow-up to Ambients, Wavelets expands tracks found on compilations such as Rotation, Subterranean Passages, and Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

9/2017 News:
QNIEZERY's Caress is out!
QNIEZERY's brand new release, the second in his discography, reaches for and easily exceeds what we hoped for. These new beats are warm and crisp, infusing a surgical precision with heart. They continue to build on a very satisfying foundation of chill bass, but there is a profoundly satisfying complexity here, leaving the listener drenched in heavenly bliss. Let's turn the lights down and inhale, and drink it in. Yessss.

10/2016 News:
Secant Prime's Fourier Bessel Series is out!
Remixes of the track Fourier Bessel Series, a track from the upcoming album Wavelets.

2/2016 News:
Sonic Entropy's Panorama is out!
When Peter Almosdi, an engineering-physicist from Budapest, dreams of space, we are rewarded with Panorama. Almosdi tempers those dreams in the razored-edge crucible of his precise, high-end, devastating drum and bass, and we are granted a rare and sublime gift as listeners. These luxe beats have the polish and sophistication of the work of a lifetime, with the ease and effortless perfection of a master who is just getting started. Must hear!

1/2015 News:
After a year long break, Uncoiled Loops is back! Our first release for 2015 is Theta, by Secant Prime available Jan. 16th.

1/2014 News:
Ambient Mechanics - War & Peace
CD - Jan. 5th
Amazon - Jan. 5th, and all other retailers on Jan 18th!

War is a terrible thing. It has touched and taken so many lives down through the ages...and continues to do so. This album was inspired by those who suffered and/or died during WWII, so the world we live in today could be a better place.
In this fast world in which we live today, it's easy to forget to take a second to remember those who gave their lives so selflessly all those years ago. They were real people, just like us, who loved, hoped and dreamed...regardless of which side they were on or where in the world they lived.
As you listen to the tracks on this release, please do just that...and don't forget those men, women, and children...they deserve not to be forgotten.

12/2013 News:
QNIEZERY - spell my name in slowmo
CD - Dec. 1, 2013
Beatport - Dec. 1st, and all other retailers on Dec. 15th!

From the concrete-clad west side of Rotterdam comes QNIEZERY. And from him comes 'spell my name in slowmo'. Don't bother asking questions about the name or the album title. Listen.
'spell my name in slowmo' is a mix of uncomforting beats with soothing, inspirational melodies. Early dubstep and late 90's electronics collide in what is simply defined as Bass Music.
But behind that bass there's a multitude of sounds to discover, many of which originated as field recordings from late night and early morning city walks. There's guitars, viola da gamba's, bells, and all sorts of physical instruments integrated with otherwise sterile computer based - but amply shuffled - beats.

11/2013 News:
Oelki - Roadrunning
CD - Nov. 3, 2013
Beatport - Nov. 3rd, and all other retailers on Nov. 17th!

CAUTION! Do Not Listen while Driving. Its that Hypnotic. You'll arrive and not remember how you got here.
Like smooth lava flow, Oelki's tracks are glowing and warm, the constant thump is like a heart beat of the earth. In the club, this will tickle your ears and the bass kick your chest while you move in the darkness until light.
Hailing from Germany, Oelki has been producing Techno/Microhouse for only 3 years and has created these 6 most remarkable tracks for this collection. You need to hear this to believe it.

10/2013 News:
Nighmares & Dreamscapes - An Ambient / Soundtrack Compilation
CD - Oct. 1, 2013
All Retailers - Oct. 5th!

This compilation features all relatively new artists, each with their own take on what a horror soundtrack for the sPoOkY month of October! You may recognize 2 artists from previous Uncoiled Loops compilations and releases, Ambient Mechanics and Secant Prime, of which the former (AM), with the help of IDMforums.com, was instrumental in organizing this compilation. On this album, you find some artists such as Kneedless, are "found sounds" artists using things like ping-pong balls in mixing bowls, some are neo-classical artists such as Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg, and some, such as Forbidden Star, came from punk roots or various other genres, now trying the other end of musical expression.

07/2013 News:
Out now: Obey Your Signal Only 2: A Dubstep/Bass Music Compilation
CD - July 28th, 2013
Beatport - July 28th, and all other retailers on Aug 11th!

This second installment of "Obey Your Signal Only" brings the whole series up a notch. With Glitch Factor's campy but amazing "We All Fall Down" to QNIEZERY's driving and thoughtful "Charlie Says..." to Photophob's dark and brilliant "Find Him, Kill Him", you won't find another compilation with as much diversity and cohesiveness. The compilation also includes the full track list in a continuous DJ mix available as one download.

03/2013 News:
Out now: out of phase: the hEADaCHE remixes
CD - March 31, 2013
Beatport - April 7th, and all other retailers on April 14th!

1. diverje - War Within Me (hEADaCHE remix)
2. Lovespirals - This Truth (hEADaCHE remix)
3. SMP - Die for You (hEADaCHE Remix)
4. Geodeisc - Falling Down (hEADaCHE Remix)
5. BleedSynth - All Is Dust (hEADaCHE Remix)
6. The Qualia - Volcanoe (hEADaCHE Remix)
7. Biocarbon13 - Shut Up (hEADaCHE Remix)
8. Vincent Minor - Late Night Show (hEADaCHE Remix)
9. Saemskin - Ode to G.G. Vol II (hEADaCHE remix)
10. Collider - Treehouse (hEADaCHE Remix)
11. Cybergeist - Angel (hEADaCHE Remix V2)
12. Little Pictures - This House Will Fit Us All (hEADaCHE Remix)
13. Steven Balmer - Heart (hEADaCHE Remix)
14. Love Spirals Downwards - City Moon (hEADaCHE Remix)
15. Storm King - Angels of Enmity (hEADaCHE Remix)

Remixes from the last 6 years, varying from DnB to synthpop to house to illbient. The best work yet from hEADaCHE of CEOXiME.

02/2013 News:
Begining Obey Your Signal Only 2.

01/2013 News:
Out now: Rotation: A Dark Ambient / Experimental Compilation
CD - January 1, 2013
Beatport - January 8th, Amazon - January 15th, iTunes - January 22nd, and all other retailers on January 29th!

1. Ateis - Non Plus
2. Chvad SB - She Should Be Here
3. Dead Voices on Air - Power Failure
4. Roth Mobot - The Current Jellyfish Scare (excerpt)
5. Words on Water - Of the Black Goatskin
6. Saemskin - Republocratic Lies
7. Ambient Mechanics - Death of a Star
8. Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner (Part 2, excerpt)
9. Herwig Holzmann - Watching the Abortive Mimoid
10.Secant Prime - Henkel Transform

This is the first collaboration of Uncoiled Loops and Facility Records to bring you some of the best dark ambient / experimental music in the genre, with some well known acts as well as new, up-and-coming acts. This includes Dead Voices On Air's "Power Failure" as one of the 7 previously unreleased tracks, includes Herwig Holzmann's (of Photophob fame) now out of print "Watching the Abortive Mimoid". Roth Mobot is leading circuit bending in Chicago, with 30+ performances, museum/gallery installations, workshops, and so much more. It also provides for the first time Controlled Bleeding's "The Poisoner" (Part 2, excerpt) as a single track download. Chvad SB (of things outside the skin) is currently touring with Controlled Bleeding, and has just completed a soundtrack for the horror flick "Gut."

11/2012 News:
Ambient compilation out soon! Very exciting lineup, soon to be announced!
Sign up on facebook for up to the minute updates.

04/2012 News:
Do Not Follow: A Minimal Techno/Microhouse Compilation out now:

A cracking mix of minimal tecnho and microhouse with elements ranging from synthpop to hard techno and IDM. Download the mix for free! CD and additional download options will be available soon.

11/2011 News:
We are now accepting submissions for artists for a techno/microhouse compilation! The generes can range from minimal techno, techno, microhouse, and synthpop - but on the darker side. Looking for tracks like Plastikman, Jimpster, Luke Slater, Swazak, BCD, Pole, Audion, etc. The plan is to put out a CD as well as have digital distribution, with a mixed version of all the tracks available digitally for free or the price of 1 track.

6/2010 News:
Obey Your Signal Only: A dubstep / darkhop compilation out now:

According to Wikipedia, Dubstep came forth from UK Garage in the early 2000s, containing overwhelming bass lines and funky drum patterns. Darkhop, on the other hand, is a much lesser referenced style, and is only mentioned in the Scorn entry. In many minds, these are one and the same genre. As an attempt to bring artists subscribing to these two similar genres together, Uncoiled Loops has compiled an 11 track compilation, bringing artists influenced by Kode9, Scorn, Burial, Godflesh, and Boxcutter to one CD. To hear what these artists brought forth, a FREE DJ mix of all 11 artists is available for free from the CD baby site. The CD contains the 11 individual tracks as well as bonus Multimedia material, including this 48 minute DJ mix.

Get it here!

5/2010 News:
Been a long time since I've updated:
Obey Your Signal Only: A dubstep / darkhop compilation out later this month!

T-shirts available at:
Only $15.50

9/09 News:
hEADaCHE remixes V2: Highly Dangerous Defects is out now!

    01. Pigface - Bitch (hEADaCHE Remix)
    02. Terrorfakt - ALF (Dancefloor Destruct Mix)
    03. PTI - Smoke (Zone Abstraction)
    04. God Project - Intolerance (Absolute Mix)
    05. TV - Skin Deep (Last Indication Mix) 06. Entluften - Inner Spirit (Earthshatter Mix)
    07. Cyanotic - Suspension Of Disbelief (Stomp Purity Mix V2)
    08. Brainclaw - Insekt/Angel (Halo In The Hive Mix V2)
    09. Esion - Collide (Colloidoscopy Mix)
    10. Acumen Nation - Recaster (Meaner Then God Mix)
    11. Ayria - Mercury (Erratic Sporatic Mix)
    12. function13 - Prostitute (Desolation Mix)
    13. infinity interrupt - Endless Grey (Endless Loop Mix)
    14. Christ Analogue - Sore (Renounced Mix)
    15. Eight O'clock Vendetta - Without You (End Destruction Mix)
    16. SMP - Beautiful (Gordon's Mix)
    17. Color Theory - Ponytail Girl (Nothingness Mix)
    18. Project .44 - Return Of The Soldier (Knife In The Back Mix)
    19. Asmodeus x - Morningstar (Flaschback Mix)
    20. Slick Idiot - Ain't Talkin' Bout Love (hEADaCHE Edit)
7/09 News:
Looks like hEADaCHE remixes V2 will be delayed a few weeks.
ULP is working on 2 more comps:One for Darksonus members and one which is dubstep influenced. Feel free to submit!

5/09 News:
DarkSonus V2: Discritize now available on CD baby and this site. See the catalog.

1/08 News:
CEOXiME's Theta is available through CD baby and this site. See the catalog

2/06 News:
New reviews

11/05 News:
Well, CEOXiME is no longer. More info at the CEOXiME site.
  • Fully Automated T-shirts and more are now available
  • hEADaCHE remix of Ayria is remix of the month
  • Fully Automated is now distributed by CD baby
  • hEADaCHE has completed remixes for TV, InfinityInterrupt, and function13.
  • Uncoiled loops will be carrying "Primal River Valley" and things outside the skin's “You Knew It AllAlong”
  • Multiple CD purchases will receive discounts and sometimes if you catch me inthe wheeling and dealing mood, I'll even take offers.Email me with your order, and I'll give you the price. Pretty simple.

    04/05 News:
    Tax Sale! Spend your refund on "Fully Automated - The hEADaCHE re:mixes", Now $10, including "Found Sounds Sample CD Vol. 1: Automotive Factory Sounds". Get it today!
    New reviews and new interviews.

    01/05 News:
    New distributors added:
    Latex records
    Each distributor has different deals - check them all out!

    12/04 News:
    Release date set for 12/15/04, just in time for Christmas! Distribution through Musicwerks, DSBP, and many more. Purchases through this website recieve a free copy of UNCOILED LOOPS PRESENTS: Found Sounds Sample CD Vol. 1: Automotive Factory Sounds for a limited time.
      01. Collide - Wings of Steel †
      02. Hypoid - Deprograming Deposits of Fat ‡
      03. Diverje/Soul Ciruit - Stronger ‡
      04. Croc Shop - Generation †
      05. Silvercord - Autopilot ‡
      06. LiveSexAct - New Version of You †
      07. Noxious Emotion - X
      08. function13 - Odor
      09. things outside the skin - Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy †
      10. Diverje - Suspision †
      11. Bottomfeeder - Maybe Someday
      12. Endif - Ashes
      13. Flood Damage - Ovoid Vovoid ‡
      14. Five Star Reject - Trainwreck
      15. CEOXiME – Exit Music (for a film) [Original - Radiohead]*

      ‡ Future release preview
      † Previously released
      * Exclusive
    As you can see, most are previously unreleased! Order your copy today! Soon, samples will be up on the catalog page.

    10/04 News:
    After long delays, the hEADaCHE of CEOXiME re:mix CD : Fully Automated will be released. Track listing, artwork and samples will be up soon!

    09/04 News:
    Uncoiled loops is online!

    06/04 News:
    uncoiled loops releases UNCOILED LOOPS PRESENTS: Found Sounds Sample CD Vol. 1: Automotive Factory Sounds. This is a 43 minute recording (indexed by the minute) walks from trimming the final car, through the body shop welding, back through chassis, out through final testing. It calms babies while giving us adults a little more to listen to than the standard white noise CDs and/or a sample CDr for musicians.